Let’s get this out of the way… this sounds kind of scammy right? In a ‘too good to be true’ I’m only after your money, situation…? The gentleman below thought so initially.

FIRST, I’m a real person.

SECOND, this is very real and absolutely legitimate. Below is a super quick video.

THIRD, think about this…



Hey, I know you’re brilliant, but everyone hears a term for the first time. Passive income mostly means that you do some work one time, and keep making money from that work over and over for months or years to come.

Wait…What is this about?

When you hear the term passive income, your brain initially freaks out and you think multi-level market schemes,  or potentially rental income, maybe dividends or possibly selling nasty workout shakes.

I’m going to show you a product that I’ve personally used for over two years now where I’ve generated over $200 every single month and it was the easiest passive income of my life. All I did was become creative, use a skill that I’m really good at, and the work was done. It cost me absolutely nothing upfront and I’m going to show you how to do it.

“I’ve generated over $200 over the last 24 months  and it was the easiest passive income of my life”

I am a really good teacher, mentor, guide and instructor! If you join me in this webinar, I will  show you exactly what you need to do to start creating passive income for yourself. This is immediate! You can start as soon as you want and all you’ll need is that creative brain of yours. You see that button down below? All you have to do is register and POOF, instant access to this secret!


Someone I know very well, has made over $6,000 in extremely passive income using the tools and website I’m going to share with you in this webinar!

That $6,000 of passive income took approximately 12 total hours of work!

Would you like to spend a few hours over a lazy weekend, focusing on something you are already extremely knowledgeable about and make $6,000+? It’s possible! If you also spend 12 hours, this comes out to $500 an hour and growing, because this is something that can last for years!

Everything is already done for you!
– The marketing (done for you)
– The advertising (done for you)
– Finding your customers (done for you)
– Accepting payments and refunds (done for you)
– Building a website to host your content (done for you)
– The ability to market to your customers via email (done for you)

You can also see in the below screen shots, this information comes with an easy to use market research tool to determine what skill set, topic or course you could build (maybe even this weekend?!) and start generating income right away.

I will show you exactly how to use these functionalities in the below video, which is extremely valuable and could change your entire life!! I mean, would an extra $200 a month be beneficial for you and your family? And might I remind you, it is the easiest passive income you’ll likely ever have in your life.

Register now. It’s only 11.99…


Passive Income Live Recorded Webinar

Purchase and watch now for only $11.99.

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  • When: Recorded Live on October 24th, Thursday at 6:00PM (Central), 7:00PM (Eastern)
  • Where: Online, private webinar link will be emailed after purchase.
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Xochitl Rodriguez

“This is exceptional!!! I’ve already started on this and loving it!!! I can’t say more but you all know Jerremy… so you know it’s gonna be a life changer!!!”

Jason Smith

“Hey guys I just want to throw this out there, that Jerremy is not just blowing smoke. I know that he’s been doing this for the past two years or so and it’s really working for him 😉👏😍”

Tracy Ball

“Great webinar. Inspiring. Glad I had a chance to participate.”

Laëtitia Bonaventure

“Awesome webinar. That was exactly what I needed to extend my ideas 😉 ThankYou”

Lee Ho

“Yes, I enjoyed, and I enjoyed so much and signed up for more 😁😁”

Uberto Sanchez

“Dude.. you kill me….. you already told me …. and haven’t stared…. but after you show me does number in java programming, ufff….. mind blowing…. thank you so much….🙌”

YvonneJon Shore

“Hello. thought you’d like to know you kept me awake last night. I woke up every hour on the hour……thinking of all things I could make a video on. ALL YOUR FAULT!!! That I didn’t sleep worth a hill of beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 You continue to inspire!!!”